Pre-K and Kindergarten: Me and You, Jew and Jew!
Judaism is a religion based on values that, when followed, help our world be a better place. The focus of this kindergarten curriculum uses the phrase from Leviticus 19:18, "Love your neighbor as yourself" to look at the Jewish holidays, tz'dakah, Jewish Book Month, synagogue life, and our general interactions with each other. Our Kindergarten students visit the library, music and Hebrew Through Movement Specialist. This outstanding curriculum was developed by the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland.

1st Grade: Cycles of My Jewish Life
Jewish holidays and lifecycle are interwoven in this exciting hands-on year of learning. Our congregation's Consecration ceremony, welcomes the first graders into their formal years of learning, and creates an inspiring beginning to the year. Music and Hebrew Through Movement introduce the students to songs, prayers, and cultural expression appropriate to their grade level.

2nd Grade: Treasures of Israel
There are so many amazing things to learn and discover about Israel. Throughout the year you will create your own treasure collection. At the end of the year our second graders will host a treasure hunt for our younger students.  Hebrew Through Movement, Music and Library add to the experience!

3rd Grade: We Are Family!
With the start of Hebrew reading, Sunday morning is divided between Jewish Studies and Hebrew. In Jewish Studies, students meet our ancestors, learn the stories of our people and begin to explore the invaluable lessons of the Torah. Hands-on activities help students connect with the values that are the foundations of our heritage.

4th Grade: It's Up to You!
Jewish Studies
We are taught that "It's not upon you to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it." In Jewish studies we will delve deeply into this concept through suspenseful stories from our tradition, history and today. Second semester we will put the values into action through a variety of projects and challenges.
Hebrew: L'sim Lev - Pay attention*
Our Hebrew studies will strengthen our ability to L'sim Lev - pay attention through the prayers of the Shema and Its Blessings. Click here for a great resource to practice. Both Hebrew and Jewish studies will focus on Jewish values.
NEW! 5th Grade: Love Peace & Pursue Peace!*
Our fifth grades will examine one of the most powerful concepts in Judaism through challenges, technology, project based learning, group exploration and in depth hands on activities.   
Hebrew: Stand Up!*
The focus of our Hebrew learning for the year is the Amidah. In addition to learning these prayers we will also find ways to integrate these values into our lives. What do you stand for? Click here to see the prayers we are learning. 
5th & 6th Grade Mitzvah Corp: We know it can be hard to find meaningful, engaging volunteer experiences for our children especially as they prepare for B'nai Mitzvah. That is why we are launching our Mitzvah Corp so our students can sample a variety of volunteer opportunities. This will be an enrichment opportunity outside of class time.*


6th Grade: B'yaheinu - in our Hands
Building on your experience in 5th Grade you will work in teams exploring a variety of Jewish values challenges as they unforld. Creativity, tough questions and curiosity help to make this interactive learning experience even more engaging. The depth and meaning of these lessons are in your hands. 
* Please note that all items with asterisks are projects of the JECC supported by the Fund for The Jewish Future of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland.

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