The Eclipse Collection: Thirty Years of Chasing Totality Memorabilia Collection of Donald Abrams and Clint Werner

April 2024-June 2024

A rare and exciting total solar eclipse, in which the moon completely obscures the sun, will take place in the afternoon of Monday, April 8. Cleveland will be among the best places in the USA to observe it. Ex-Clevelander Donald Abrams and his husband Clint Werner have been chasing the eclipse around the globe for the last 30 years. Throughout their journeys, they compiled a fabulous collection of memorabilia, consisting of custom-designed T-shirts, newspapers, posters, artworks, and other objects. A selection from this collection is offered here.
While presumably light and fun, the Eclipse Collection touches upon a deep, cross-cultural fascination with the sun and the moon, as constant mighty presences whose nourishing or destructive powers humankind has been observing, using, enjoying, or dreading from its earliest days. Newspapers on display, while expressing this fascination, also provide a sense of history, because alongside the sensational eclipse items, they feature local and global events that continued their earthly course unencumbered by celestial omens.

Listen to the recording of the fascinating March talk “Jewish Views on Eclipses” by Rabbi Roger C. Klein.

Watch the Collectors’ Talk that took place April 7, 2024.