Ganon Gil Closure Information

Dear Families,

We hope that everyone is able to find ways to enjoy the holiday season despite of these scary times, and that you remain healthy.

Since closing, we have continued to receive reports of additional positive COVID cases in our school community. Thank you to all of you who have continued to keep the lines of communication open during this closure. These additional cases have also reinforced the importance of our decision to close the entire school to curtail the spread of the virus and ensure time for those infected to recover.

It is our expectation to re-open as planned on January 3rd. While we are closed, please continue to properly socially distance from others outside your home pod, ensure that your families are properly masked when outside of your home and/or typical social circle this holiday season, and do all you can to help us safely open in January.

In light of the rising numbers in our county and our school community, we are strongly encouraging all of our students (and close family members) to receive a negative COVID test before returning to Ganon Gil. Consistent with guidelines, we require that those who has been in close contact with some with COVID within 10 days, and anyone displaying symptoms, tests prior returning to school. We are thrilled to be in receipt of rapid tests, which will available for pick up by parents and teachers next week and as supplies last.  If you would like to pick up tests for your family, please come to the entrance of Ganon Gil Monday through Thursday of next week between 8:30am-11:30am, or come to front door of the Temple between 11:30am-4:30pm.  (Please note that the tests are only able to be officially certified via virtual appointment for those age 4 and up, but can still be administered by a parent/guardian.)

Also, please remember, even if your child tests negative for COVID -19 they should NOT be sent to school if they are not feeling well. Even a simple cold running through the center necessitates families all heading to the doctor for medical clearance so please support our efforts. We will still be strictly enforcing our current illness policies, which dictate medical clearance from your child/ren’s pediatrician for any new onset of a cough, runny nose, fever, fatigue, nausea etc (for full list of symptoms please see the attached school exclusion document). We will be sending students home if they begin to display symptoms during the school day so as to protect our community. A doctor’s note will be required before your child will be allowed to return to school.

Please do all you can to ensure we start the New Year healthy and can remain open by staying away if your child is showing ANY symptoms, seeing a doctor and/or testing when needed, and taking all precautions possible to protect our community.

We are pleased to let you know that, in the event of another closure between Jan 3rd and June 30th, 2022 (the end of the fiscal year) we will discounting tuition 50% for the period of closure. Although we still need tuition to continue to retain and pay our resilient staff, we are aware of the financial burden that a closure places on our families as well.

Please take a moment to review the attached symptom exclusion list (I have also attached the complete list of school exclusions for ODJFS from our parent handbook for your reference).

We will be in touch as soon as possible if there are any additional changes/updates that you need to be aware of. Wishing all of you a happy and healthy New Year!

Erica Wilkov, Director of Early Learning

Rachel Smylie, Assistant Director of Early Learning

Kim Cole, Interim Executive Director, The Temple Tifereth Israel

If you have to give you child fever/pain reducing medications (Advil, Motrin, or Tylenol) they SHOULD NOT be at school.  If your child is sick and has a fever, keep him/her at home to prevent the spread of illness to others. Your child must be naturally fever free (per ODJFS guidelines, without fever/pain reducing medications) for at least 24 hours before returning to school.

If your child has cold or flu symptoms, please do not give fever/pain reducing medications to cover the fever and send them to school. As soon as the medicine wears off, the fever will return and you will have exposed your child’s classmates and teachers to your child’s illness.

If your child is having loose stools 3 or more times in a 24-hour period your child needs to stay home until they are free of symptoms for 24 hours.

If your child vomits more than once or has other stomach related symptoms, they must stay home until they are free of symptoms for 24 hours.

Children MUST be fever free for 24 hours before they can return to school without medications.

If your child has a new onset cough or runny nose (not related to document allergy issues) they need to stay home until they have medical clearance.

These guidelines are meant to serve the best interests of all the children in school. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call.

ODJFS Guidelines with any of the following signs or symptoms of illness shall be immediately isolated and discharged to his parent or guardian or person designated by the parent or guardian:

(1) Temperature of at least one hundred degrees Fahrenheit when in combination with any other sign or symptom of illness;

(2) Diarrhea (three or more abnormally loose stools within a twenty-four hour period);

(3) Severe coughing, causing the child to become red or blue in the face or to make a whooping sound;

(4) Difficult or rapid breathing;

(5) Yellowish skin or eyes;

(6) Redness of the eye, obvious discharge, matted eyelashes, burning, itching;

(7) Untreated infected skin patches, unusual spots or rashes;

(8) Unusually dark urine and/or gray or white stool;

(9) Stiff neck with an elevated temperature;

(10) Evidence of untreated lice, scabies, or other parasitic infestations;

(11) Sore throat or difficulty in swallowing;

(12) Vomiting more than one time or when accompanied by any other sign or symptom of illness.