Ganon Gil Lunch Program

Ganon Gil is excited to offer school lunches three times a week! 

Here’s how it works…

Lunch will be offered three times a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday). Parents can opt-in to a meal plan on a monthly basis and will keep that schedule for the entire month. There is a set menu for that month (slight variations may occur). Menu items will change from month to month and parents will have the opportunity to change their meal plan each month.

Individual meals are $7.50. You will place your order prior to the start of the month and your monthly total will be added to the following month’s bill (for example, October meals need to be placed by the end of September and will be added to your November bill).

October Menu

Pasta Mondays – whole grain pasta with marinara sauce, grilled chicken nuggets, baby carrots, and milk

Breakfast Wednesdays – whole grain French toast, potato triangles, fruit salad, and milk

Sandwich Fridays – turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, baby carrots, apple sauce, and milk

October meal plans must be ordered by Friday, September 22nd.