Did you or your child graduate from high school this year? Are you or your children going to away to college, studying online from home, taking a gap year, going into a trade or doing something special? Let us know!

Keeping in touch is a priority for The Temple. Maintaining a connection makes a difference in all of our lives. The years following high school are so important in developing self-identity and we would love to be part of that process. This link provides a touchstone to connect with the clergy, staff and the congregation.

Everyone loves to receive packages and cards! If we have updated contact information, we can send out High Holiday Day greetings, Holiday care packages, and special emails and notes from the clergy and staff. We have heard from recipients over the years about how much these packages mean to them and motivate them to do something Jewish even while away from home.

Simply email your or your child’s contact information to or complete the form below and we’ll do the rest!

Pathways: Life After High School

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