Shabbaton is a weekly Saturday afternoon family experience that provides Jewish education and community-building for both children and adults through worship, study and group projects. In learning together about how to model Jewish family life for future generations, participants establish lasting friendships with each other and strong bonds with the Temple community.

Each session begins with a family service led by Temple clergy with the aim of teaching and explaining standard components of Jewish worship. Children then go with their teacher and age cohort to learn about Judaism through age-appropriate classroom and outdoor activities as well as art and music with specialized teachers. Most weeks, the adults begin their time together with Torah or other study led by a member of the Temple clergy and end with presentations by members of the group or guest speakers on topics of interest, as well as socializing. Some weeks feature extended guest lectures for the adults or social action projects for the whole family. Snacks are served for all ages. Each Shabbaton ends with families reunited to wish each other a good week in a joyful Havdalah service with singing and blessings.

For more information, contact Director of Learning Dina Rock. She can also get you in touch with Shabbaton families if you would like their perspectives.