We are a congregational community of deep care and attention to one another that is committed to justice for our greater community and world.

We explore our identity and culture through music, the arts, social action, learning, and the range of rich expressions of Judaism throughout history. We offer a variety of opportunities for engagement through classes, special events, small groups, volunteer opportunities, and other diverse programs. We invite you to explore what we offer!


We offer many program opportunities for worship, leadership, friendship, and scholarship. Continuing our teens on their Jewish Journey with many ways to grow, we create our teen programs with many different types of outcomes.

Chai Lifers

A community of vibrant and energetic adults participating in a variety of culture, learning, and Tikkun Olam activities.

The Arts

At The Temple, the arts are a way to build community and elevate the spirit.

Racial Justice

As Reform Jews, we have a moral obligation to hear the cries of and to support our neighbors when they face violence, persecution, discrimination, and oppression. We are called to…