2023 Consecration

Each year, we hold a special Consecration ceremony for our first graders. This is the first year they begin their journey of formal Jewish education. In this way, we send the message that Jewish learning is special.

This year, Consecration will be on Saturday, October 7th at 10:00 am at the Maltz Performing Arts Center downtown. This beautiful ritual celebrates the beginning of a lifelong journey in Jewish learning. We perform this ritual for our first graders and any student who hasn’t previously been consecrated.

2023 Consecration Details

Consecration Rehearsals

Sunday, September 10th

  • 10:15 am- First Consecration rehearsal

Sunday, September 17th – No rehearsal/TLC – Rosh Hashanah

Sunday, September 24th – Consecration GROUP Picture includes Shabbaton and Sunday Learners

  • 9:45 am- Consecration rehearsal. PLEASE BE ON TIME
  • 10:15 am- GROUP PICTURE will be taken in the Sanctuary, AFTER the rehearsal
  • Please have your child dressed and ready for pictures when you bring them at 9:30 am
  • 9:45 am- PARENT PROGRAM related to consecration while Consecrants are rehearsing
  • When students are finished with pictures, they will return to their normal Sunday schedule in their learning spaces. In order to keep their Consecration clothes clean, we will not be going outside or using any form of markers or paints on this day. This is an exciting time for your child, and we can’t wait to get them started on their Jewish journey.
  • Shabbaton Parents: Please come with your child at 9:45 am and you will leave with them after pictures are taken.

Sunday, October 1st

  • 9:45 am- FINAL Consecration rehearsal

Saturday, October 7th Consecration 10:00 am

The Temple University Circle (Also called the Maltz Performing Arts Center)
1855 Ansel Road, Cleveland, OH, 44106

  • Please have your child at the Maltz Performing Arts Center at 9:00 am. Dina Rock, Gloria Grischkan, Ilene Saginor and Karin Veal will be there to allow the learners a brief rehearsal and then have time to settle in and relax.
  • Oneg to follow Consecration program

What Should My Child Wear for Pictures & Consecration?

If you like to wear a dress, please wear a white dress.
You may also wear a white shirt and dark pants or skirt (dark blue or black)


If you have any questions, please contact:

Dina Rock
Director of Learning
216-831-3233 x133