Chai Lifers

The Temple Chai lifers is a community of vibrant and energetic adults who participate in a variety of cultural, learning and tikkun olam activities. The Chai Lifers community is defined by shared interests, not by age or formal membership. Rabbi Klein is our clergy sponsor. Candy Anker and Barbara Kuby are co-chairs.

Upcoming Events

Leadership Spotlight Series: Daniel Levin
Tuesday, December 20, 2022, 7:00PM

Our congregation has many members with life journeys filled with adventures, hardships, triumphs, and leadership accomplishments in their careers, organizational, and volunteer lives. Stories from these experiences can be a source of learning and inspiration. …

Types of Events and Experiences

Local and Regional Cultural Experiences
Museums, music / song / dance performances, theater, Wooster Lyric Opera, Porthouse Theater, Shaw Festival at Niagara on the Lake, Chautauqua, and more.

Stimulating Learning and Conversation
Current event lectures on politics, justice, Jewish identity and learning, and more.

Sharing Knowledge and Experience with Others
Sharing meals and day/ short trips, multiple day travel, Tikkun Olam projects with The Temple and for local causes.

For information contact our Chair, Barbara Kuby, at or 440- 421-9000.